Thursday, June 13, 2013

Family Picture

Our Family has officially signed up with a
private Adoption Agency. Please keep our 
family and our future Birthmother in your
thoughts and prayers that she will find us 
and help us complete our family.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Monday, January 14, 2013

BORN BRAVE - Katherine Nelson - "What's Mine is Yours"

Adoption has been on our mind a lot lately. We've been waiting a long time to have a second child come into our family. Lately Kenzie has been asking why all the other families get to have babies and we don't. Breaks my heart! She even asked Santa for a baby (a real one not a doll this time). It's heartbreaking to not be able to give Kenzie a baby sister or brother but infertility has strengthened our faith and given us hope in the Lord's plan for our family. We know that there is a Brave Birthmom out there who will eventually find us. Even though our journey to add to our family is sometimes difficult, emotional and long, we feel so blessed to be able to raise children that come to us in such a special way. We are so grateful for open adoption and that Kenzie's birthmom and family are a part of our lives. We have such a beautiful life!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


 Kenzie's first day of preschool. She was super excited to go to Mrs. Marrott's. We went to an open house during the day to meet the teacher, see the preschool, learn the rules and find out who would be some of the kids in her class. Kenzie went on a gingerbread scavenger hunt then got to frost cookies. Kenzie's been looking forward to turning 4 for a long time now. She kept telling everyone when I turn 4 I get to go to school. She loves to learn and is my little cute social butterfly. During the open house Mrs. Marrott talked about how she likes the kids to come to the door and open it by themselves then go down to the preschool room this helps them gain independence. I wasn't sure how Kenzie would do without me going to the door with her. As I pulled up to the preschool, Kenzie got out of her car seat by herself, kissed me goodbye, opened the car door and yelled bye mom as she waved with the biggest most excited smile on her face and ran to the door of her new preschool. As I watched her go inside a tear came to my eye (okay a lot of tears). I knew it would be a hard day for me but I really had no idea how hard it would be to watch my baby go to school and realize she's a big girl now and she doesn't need my help with everything anymore. She can do a lot of things on her own now my little Miss Independent girl. I love that she loves school, that she is so independent, that she's not afraid to try new things and that she's so social and makes friends easily. She's honestly been such a blessing for me and Paul to have in our families and we are so grateful we get to be her parents. We feel very blessed! I'm also so grateful that Kenzie has an amazing preschool teacher who is so full of energy and absolutely loves teaching. I can't wait to see how much she's learned this year in school.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kenzie Is 4 Years Old!

 I'm not sure how this happened but it baby turned 4 years old. I shed a tiny tear I have to admit. She is growing up so fast. We cannot imagine our lives without this little girl. She has brought more joy to us than we could have ever imagined. Some of Kenzie's favorite foods are: Noodles with cheese or red sauce, chicken nuggets with ranch, grilled cheese & peanut butter sandwiches, salsa with chips, quesadillas, strawberries, oranges, bananas, candy and cookies. Some of Kenzie's favorite things to do are: dressing up as a princess,  painting her nails, playing baseball, riding her bike, jumping on the trampoline, doing gymnastics, singing, laughing, teasing mommy and daddy, playing with friends and being outside. She is very excited about going to preschool in the next couple of weeks. We love you Kenzie Cakes.

Kenzie's 4th Birthday

Grandma & Papa's house is so fun!

Kenzie wanted a Strawberry Shortcake cake this year

We were so happy Lindsay could come to Kenzie's party

Exactly what she wanted...her very own bat and ball and glove

Kenzie loves to dress up as a princess
Kenzie's great grandma & Papas house (visiting Kenzie's birthfamily)

Opening more presents with Aunt Amanda

Kenzie's princess pinata at Grandma's house

Kenzie loves baseball. She got her very own Pink bat and glove

Daddy helping her ride a bike without training wheels

Let's Go Swimming

Kenzie going down one of the fun slides at the Rexburg Pool

Lazy River her favorite thing to lay out

Waiting for the bucket to drop water

My little fish. Kenzie loves the water.

A Trip To The Idaho Falls Zoo

Kenzie with her half sisters (Lindsay's girls)

Such a cutie. She loves her picture taken.

This picture melted my heart

All the girls minus Lindsay's new baby

Kenzie was excited to see the tigers


Sometimes we like to be twins at church

July Festivities

Watching Fireworks at our neighbors house

Swim party and BBQ at our neighbors house

Throwing Pops